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There is nothing like the feeling of being the superhero of your company. The one that invests marketing dollars to generate positive returns on investment. The one that helps your company grow in tractable, repeatable ways. You become a profit center, a true asset, an invaluable resource. You receive accolades, raises and promotions. You accelerate your career forward, bolstered by your demonstrable success and achievement.

You can achieve this level of success by unlocking the secrets of intent based marketing to in-market-now prospects using paid search marketing. The only channel that allows you to target prospects between the consideration and decision stages of the buyer’s journey, right when they are ready to purchase your product or service.

If you are considering paid search marketing or have a program running and want to raise your game to the next level, we have the resources to get you there. We love to share our knowledge and insights of paid search marketing. Perhaps some day we should write a book. Until then, we are happy to offer…

  • A wealth of free resources to help your programs flourish
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Our experts are second to none, and available to help you turn your paid search marketing into the ROI monster it should be. So join us, and start your paid search marketing superhero training today.

“Joining our collaborative community and leveraging the collective knowledge of our members is a great first step towards improving your paid search marketing skills.” ~ Daryl | Founder

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Free Paid Search Marketing Resources

Free access to tips, tricks, strategies and analysis from our experts.


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Affordable in depth guides that put our expert’s proven strategies right at your fingertips.


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Paid Search Marketing SpecialistInside this community you will discover our proven strategies based on years of experience, testing and effort managing paid search marketing campaigns for a variety of businesses and industries. Boiled down for you in handy articles and guides that you can use to drive more in-market-now leads into your funnel and supercharge your sales growth.

We are curating content for all stages of paid search marketers, from beginners to intermediate and experienced users. There is something here for everyone.

New users are invited to take advantage of our free resources to get you on the right track. Those looking to truly take your programs to the next level are welcome to purchase any of our affordable advanced strategy guides or take advantage of the benefits of membership in our paid search masterminds group. 

Our advanced tactics will help you master paid search and turn it into a high powered revenue generator for your business, and that’s why I sign my name at the bottom.

If at any point you decide you need additional help, we are more than happy to coach you or your staff, or we can manage your programs for you. Tractable, repeatable paid search marketing. It’s how my client’s grow their business, and you can do it too.Paid Search Marketing Agency


Crystal Nadeau“I am constantly amazed at how much Daryl knows about e-marketing topics and by how willing he is to share with others about current and future ‘best practices’ of the very large web marketing world. His high energy and insatiable thirst for cutting edge knowledge is an asset to any company and he should be a part of your marketing strategists team for sure!”




Sundeep Kapur“Daryl is absolutely brilliant. I take the opportunity to chat with him every other week about what is working and what isn’t in the eCommerce space. A pioneer in this industry, Daryl has helped drive the success of not only the companies he has worked at but has been an inspiration to many others. If you call him, make sure you have a lot of paper, & write fast – he is awesome.”




Matt Sullivan“Whether it’s SEO, PPC, or landing page optimization, it’s a breath of fresh air to work with such a technical marketer. As the pace of marketing increases daily, Daryl’s ability to execute new projects quickly, and under budget, is truly an amazing talent.”




Wendy Sykes“Daryl is a tremendously talented individual that thrives on fast paced, creative projects. I have watched him grow his own business and increase the sales of two other businesses through his creative energy and superb business acumen. Daryl is reliable, consistent, and always up for a challenge.”




Paul Charlton

“Daryl Eames has worked with Taylor Community for five years during which he managed our website to include content management, search engine optimization (SEO) and our pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. It addition, he provided monthly performance analysis and reporting.

In addition to his technical knowledge and skills, I have been impressed and much appreciate how he approached our business as if it were his own with a keen focus on generating results.  With his help we were able to significantly increase both site traffic and conversions.

I highly recommend him to others wanting to improve website performance and would be happy to discuss his work with Taylor Community if that would be helpful.”




“I have now hired and worked with Daryl three times, for three separate paid search projects at three separate companies. Each time, Daryl has immediately collected our business objectives, seamlessly integrated with the marketing team, and quickly delivered clear, tangible results with an efficiency that translates directly into increased conversions and inbound search traffic.

Paid search, specifically the ability to correctly set up campaigns and and strategically manage the budget is a science that can seem like a foreign language to many. My favorite part about working with Daryl and New England Web Strategies, is he makes it incredibly easy to not only understand how the campaigns need to be optimized, but each tangible action he’s taking to get the job done.

It’s been refreshing to find at the end of every month to find a clearly laid out monthly review in my inbox, along with insights as to how we can do better and further optimize lead generation. When I need to report back to the rest of the executive team about our paid search efforts, I can easily rely on Daryl’s reports to make my case, as well as count on him to participate in calls with other members of the organization so they too can understand our strategy.

I would be happy to recommend Daryl and New England Web Strategies to any company looking to maximize their ROI from paid search.”




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