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Master Paid Search Marketing

44 Pages of Our Proven Strategies
to Measure & Improve Your Campaigns

Our guide to Analyzing Your Paid Search Marketing Campaign Results offers over 44 pages of proven strategies to help you measure and improve your campaigns.

This guide covers everything you need to know about choosing what to analyze from funnel performance and campaign improvement perspectives.

Unlock the secrets of what to analyze (Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s), analyzing your funnel, connecting investment to ROI, analyzing your program and individual campaigns, gathering more data and scaling your budget while maintaining return on investment.

There are recommendations for beginners to intermediate users, with some commentary for advanced organizations on high tech ways to gather more data and better track performance.

How much profit could you make by increasing your paid search marketing performance by 10%, 20% or more? The ROI you can generate on this guide makes this a no-brainer and a copy can be yours for the low price of only $199!

Analyzing Results of Your Paid Search Marketing Campaigns
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$ 199
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  • Analyzing Funnel Performance
  • What to Analyze (Choosing KPIs)
  • Gathering Data
  • How to Chart Your Data
  • Connecting Investment to ROI
  • Scaling Budget While Maintaining ROI
  • Analyzing Your Campaigns
  • What Information to Look At
  • What Levers to Pull to Improve Your Campaigns

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