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Unlock the secrets of intent based marketing
to in-market-now prospects searching on Google

“Prospects are searching for your products and services every day, and in droves. You can get in front of them right when they are considering a purchase, and that’s the beauty of intent based paid search marketing.”

Let that sink in for a moment. Search engines are the one place where you can infer an intent based on the search phrase used, where in-market-now prospects are actively seeking you out, and you have the opportunity to engage them every day in a tractable, repeatable way.

This is where the Paid Search Society comes in. We’ve created a wealth of free information, advanced guides and a unique Masterminds group to help you master Google Adwords marketing and leave your competitors in the dust. While they lose money playing checkers, you’ll be raking in the profits playing chess.

Take advantage of our free Google Adwords marketing articles, eBooks, whitepapers and videos to get started. When you are ready for more advanced tactics, graduate to our affordable guides written by experts in paid search. And consider joining our Masterminds group for access to our experts, insider discounts, early content access, a collaborative learning environment and other great benefits.

If you need immediate help, we also offer Google Adwords marketing services to fit your businesses needs. We can coach your team, audit your paid search program or manage it for you. Contact us to schedule your free consultation so we can learn more about your individual goals.

No matter where you are in your Google Adwords marketing evolution, we are here to help. Take a look around and enjoy, we look forward to meeting you soon!

**Please note: Our resources may cover a lot of Google Adwords, but can also be used if you market on Bing Adcenter and Yahoo Sponsored Search!



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“I have now hired and worked with the Paid Search Society team three times, for three separate paid search projects at three separate companies. Each time, they immediately collected our business objectives, seamlessly integrated with the marketing team, and quickly delivered clear, tangible results with an efficiency that translates directly into increased conversions and inbound search traffic.

Paid search, specifically the ability to correctly set up campaigns and and strategically manage the budget is a science that can seem like a foreign language to many. My favorite part about working with this team, is they make it incredibly easy to not only understand how the campaigns need to be optimized, but each tangible action being taken to get the job done.

It’s been refreshing to find at the end of every month to find a clearly laid out monthly review in my inbox, along with insights as to how we can do better and further optimize lead generation. When I need to report back to the rest of the executive team about our paid search efforts, I can easily rely on their reports to make my case, as well as count on them to participate in calls with other members of the organization so they too can understand our strategy.

I would be happy to recommend the Paid Search Society team to any company looking to maximize their ROI from paid search.”