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Unlocking the Benefits of Ad Rank

Improving Keyword Quality Scores

Ad Rank is the key to increasing your average position while reducing your cost per click and cost per conversion. Keyword quality scores are at the heart of improving your Ad Rank, and is one of the highest reported challenges paid search marketers deal with.

Our guide to improving your keyword quality scores will help you solve this pressing challenge and push your paid search marketing performance to new heights.

These are strategies that every paid search marketer can deploy across your campaigns today. We cover the Ad Rank equation, improving click through rates, targeting keywords to the buyers journey to attract in-market-now prospects, keyword bucketing, targeting, match types &bid types, ad relevance & components, ad extensions, landing page content & usability and conversion mechanisms.

We use these strategies for our programs for our clients every day because they work. And now, you can use them too.

How much profit could you make by increasing your paid search marketing performance by 10%, 20% or more? The ROI you can generate on this guide makes this a no-brainer and a copy can be yours for the low price of only $125.00!

Improving Your Keyword Quality Scores
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$ 125
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  • Understanding Ad Rank
  • Targeting Keywords to the Buyer’s Journey
  • Attracting In-Market-Now Prospects
  • Improving Click Through Rates
  • Keyword Bucketing & Targeting
  • Match & Bid Types
  • Ad Relevance & Components
  • Ad Extensions
  • Landing Page Content, Usability & Exerience
  • Conversion Mechanisms

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