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“Our Masterminds members have many added advantages including of a community of peers mastering paid search sharing secrets to success, and how to avoid duplicating their failures. There is no better way to learn than this collaborative environment.”

Mastering paid search marketing takes a lot of real world experience and know-how. Our free resources are a great place to get started, our advanced guides will help take your program to the next level, but our member community is what will multiply your efforts by unlocking access to our resident experts and leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of a group of paid search marketing professionals that are working hard at this every day.

Experience results in knowledge. Knowledge of strategies and tactics you can implement for success, and where the pitfalls are that you want to avoid. This can be the difference between a so-so marketing program, and a lights out, revenue generating powerhouse.

As icing on the cake, Masterminds members also receive

  • Access to our resident experts for a weekly Q&A
  • Expert guest speakers sharing their secrets of success
  • Forum to ask your most pressing questions
  • Early access to new content
  • 25% discounts on our advanced guides

It’s like hiring a team of paid search marketing professionals that have your back for only $199 per month. This is an incredible value to every marketing professional or business owner looking to generate a positive ROI on your paid search marketing investments.


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