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Paid Search Society values our members, authors, contributors and your information. Here you can learn about our terms, conditions and privacy policies.

Terms & Conditions

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Our free and for purchase content, articles, guides, videos, eBooks, Whitepapers and downloads are licensed for you to use for your business or team only. The Paid Search Society and New England Web Strategies LLC retain all copyright ownership. You do not have the right to share, post, sell or re-distribute any of our content with any person or entity outside of your current, direct business. Doing so will result in termination of your membership and appropriate legal action.

We do not offer a refund policy for our paid downloadable content.

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At the time you visit, register, subscribe or log-in, the Paid Search Society collects certain personal information that identifies you, including but not limited to your name, telephone number, email address, physical addresses and information about your computer hardware and software.

We will never sell, rent or share your private information with any outside entity unless necessary for the satisfactory delivery of our services to you or for any necessary legal processes or disclosures. In any event where we use third party vendors, we will limit their rights and use of your information to the necessary services they provide for us.

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You may withdraw your consent for collection, use and disclosure of your private information at any time, in writing. Please note that if you choose to withdraw your consent we will have no choice but to terminate our provision of products and services to you as we can not provide them without this consent, and we do not offer a refund for any products or services purchased prior to your termination of consent.

If for any reason you terminate your account, it becomes inactive or you request to be removed from our database we will keep your personal information in our archive where it will only be used as necessary to prove our compliance with any applicable regulatory or tax laws.

If you would like to review your personal information on file, you can request it at any time in writing to: 184 Linden Street Manchester, NH 03104.

If for any reason we are not able to provide access to any requested portion of your personal information we will provide you with reasons for this denial. Should you request any changes to inaccurate or incomplete information we will amend as requested, as appropriate.

Membership, Subscription & Registration

By subscribing, registering or purchasing a membership with the Paid Search Society, in addition to agreeing to our full terms and conditions, you also consent to joining our email newsletter and to receive periodic communications from the Paid Search Society and our sponsor company New England Web Strategies LLC.  You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time and continue to use our site and products.

Mastermind Memberships are billed monthly. You can edit or cancel your subscription at any time. Funds that have already billed at your monthly renewal date are not refundable.

Use of Cookies

When you visit this web site, a cookie may be placed on your computer or may be read if you visited this web site previously. We use cookies for various purposes, including but not limited to…

  • Analyze user behavior of our web site
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If you set your browser to not accept cookies, please note you may not be able to use all aspects of our site properly.


Although the Paid Search Society provides many resources to assist in the administration and improvement of your paid search marketing efforts the proper implementation of our tips, strategies and tactics for your particular business is up to you. Therefore we can not and do not guarantee the success of your programs or that you will achieve the same level of results as other users.


The purpose of our testimonials is to demonstrate the depth of our knowledge and the results that you may be able to achieve. We do not conduct studies to find out what the average success of users of our site and resources may be, especially since results vary wildly in paid search marketing depending on industries, level of competition, implementation by your staff and your internal business processes, assets and resources (as well as other factors outside of our control).

Testimonials received by the Paid Search Society, New England Web Strategies LLC or any of our founders or contributors may be used, whether received directly as a result of the Paid Search Society services or not.

Authors & Contributors

Content at the Paid Search Society is created and posted by our authors and contributors. All content posted to this site becomes intellectual property of the Paid Search Society and New England Web Strategies LLC. We reserve the right to use all contributed content as we see fit, both on and off our web sites, social media and other as desired, with no limitations. Authors & contributors must agree to all our terms and conditions as a requirement to post content or downloads at our site.